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Building Department

The Building Department processes all requests for permission to construct all structures, reviews architectural plans to ensure code compliance, forwards matters on noncompliance or requests for variation to the City of Berwyn codes to the Zoning Board of Appeals and to the City Council for approval. It also provides advice and consultation regarding construction and repair, and inspects all buildings to be sold for compliance with the City of Berwyn building codes.

Permit Applications

 Building Permit Application
 Electrical Permit Application
 Garage Permit Application
 Sign Permit Application
 Temp Sign Permit Application
 Tradesman Application


 Concrete Specs
 When are Permits Needed?
 Work By Owner Handout
 Remodeling Requirements

Compliance Department

 Compliance Checklist
 Residential Violations Reference Sheet
 Real Estate Transfer Check Off

Report Blight Online

Applicable Codes
• International Building Code 2012
• International Residential Code 2012
• International Property Maintenance Code 2012
• National Electrical Code 2005 With Local Amendments

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