Departmental Directory


The City of Berwyn consists of several distinct offices to serve its residents and business community. The City of Berwyn strives to ensure the community’s needs are met. From the Police Department’s proactive routine patrol of our streets to senior events held at the Community Center, the City of Berwyn is committed to preserving its neighborhood while embracing its future.


Administrative Assistant to the Mayor
Virginia G. Pacheco
(708) 788-2660 x6541


Building Director
Charles D. Lazzara
(708) 788-2660 x6436


City Attorney
Anthony T. Bertuca
(708) 788-2660 x6435


Administrative Assistant to the City Attorney
Kelly M. Cimaglia
(708) 788-2660 x6431


City Administrator
Ruth Siaba Green
(708) 788-2660 x6433


Administrative Assistant to the City Administrator
Tricia A. Powers
(708) 788-2660 x6480


Administrative Manager
Gilbert Peña
(708) 788-2660 x6470


Director of Information Tech
James J. Frank
(708) 788-2660


City Communications Division
Claudia Ayala
(708) 788-2660 X6432
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Director of Finance
Benjamin Daish
(708) 788-2660 x6539


Melissa Fernandez
(708) 788-2660 x6499


Fire Chief
Thomas Hayes
(708) 788-2660 x6474


Director Of Community Development
Regina Mendicino
(708) 795-6850 x6552


Police Chief
Michael D. Cimaglia
(708) 795-5600 x2100


Library Director
Tammy Sheedy
(708) 795-8000 X6318


Director of Public Works
Robert Schiller
(708) 749-4700 x6510


Senior Services Supervisor
Mary M. Depcik
(708) 788-2660 X6489


Recreation Director
Anthony Martinucci
(708) 788-2010 x6530