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  • City Maps
    Answer: For more information on City Maps and to download A PDF copy, please visit our City Maps page at

Meals on Wheels

  • Information and Assessment for Senior Services
    Answer: Information and Assessment for Senior Services Meals on Wheels is a program that delivers meals to individuals at home who are unable to purchase or prepare their own meals. For more information about Meals On Wheels, please visit the website To apply for Meals On Wheels in the Berwyn area you may contact any of the following organizations: Solutions For Care at 708-447-2448 or visit their website at PAV YMCA at 708-749-0606 or visit their website at


  • Apply for Medical Assistance
    Answer: For more information please visit the Illinois Department of Human Services website at or you may contact the Public Aid Office located in Melrose Park, IL at 708-338-7600.


  • Senior Related
    Answer: For information please contact the Senior Services Division at 708-484-2510. You may also contact Solutions for Care at 708-447-2448 or visit their website at
  • Dispose of Pharmaceuticals
    Answer: The Berwyn Police Department partners with the Drug Enforcement Administration in the annual event of National Prescription Drug take-back Day where citizens can dispose of unwanted, unused prescriptions at the police department. For more information please contact the Berwyn Police at 708-795-5600 or you may visit for more collection sites.

Mental Health

  • Information on the Division of Domestic Violence and Help Line:
    Answer: The Berwyn Police Department is currently offering a Domestic Violence Hotline. The Domestic Violence hotline is answered by knowledgeable counselors and police officers who will provide you with any information concerning Domestic Violence. Information includes advocacy, shelter, support services, legal and criminal advice, the process of filing an order of protection and court procedures. For more information please contact 708-749-6565. If this is an emergency please call 911. Sarah's Inn 24 Hour Hotline: 708-386-4225 The Pillars Constance Morris House Hotline: 708-485-5254 National Domestic Violence Hotline: 1-800-799-SAFE (1-800-799-7233) Chicagoland Domestic Violence Help Line: 1-877-863-6338 (Chicago area) Chicago Rape Crisis Hotline: 1-800-293-2080 (Chicago area) For more information, please visit the following website:
  • Find Counseling/Therapy for Mental Health
    Answer: To find counseling or therapy, please visit our website page for social service agencies at
  • Homeless Intervention
    Answer: For more information, please contact the Berwyn Township at 708-788-6600 or you may visit their website at
  • Senior Related Literature
    Answer: Please visit the Senior Services web page for more information regarding senior related programs and services at or you may call 708-484-2510.


  • Illegally Parked Vehicles
    Answer: To report an illegally parked vehicle, please call the Berwyn Police department at 708-795-5600 or you may visit their website at
  • Report Abandoned Vehicles
    Answer: Follow the link to report an abandoned vehicle
  • Report missing or damaged parking meters
    Answer: To report missing or damaged parking meters please contact building inspector Thomas Howard at 708-788-2660 Ext. 3220.
  • Report Damaged Traffic Signals
    Answer: To report damaged traffic signals, please contact the Berwyn Public Works Department at 708-749-4700
  • Vehicle Sticker and Residential Permit Parking Sales
    Answer: To purchase new vehicle stickers and or residential parking permits, please call the Collectors Department at 708-788-2660 or visit the Collectors Office located at City Hall, 6700, W. 26th Street, Berwyn, IL 60402. Vehicle stickers and residential parking permits can also be purchased at the Berwyn Police Department.


  • Berwyn Building code Reference Sheet
    Answer: For more information please refer to the Residential Violations Reference Sheet. Click on the link below to download a PDF copy Residential Violations Reference Sheet
  • Rent the Berwyn Cultural Center
    Answer: For more information to rent the Berwyn Cultural Center please visit the website for the North Berwyn Park District at or you may contact them at 708-749-4900
  • View List of City Contractors
    Answer: Lists of City Contractors are available for residents and business at the Collectors Office, located at City Hall, 6700 W. 26th Street, Berwyn, IL.