Recently Updated Ordinances

  City Clerk 
  Margaret M. Paul (Bio)
  6700 W. 26th St. Berwyn, IL 60402
  P: (708) 749-6451



The City Clerk's office is responsible for many duties, whether imposed by statute or those customized to satisfy local needs. They include: keeping the City Seal and all municipal records; preparing, organizing and distributing proceedings of all City Council meetings; publication of legal notices and ordinances; City Archivist; and certain financial duties. On this web page, you will find a list of a recently updated and/or new ordinances now in effect within the City of Berwyn. Please click each link below to download the full ordinance.

19-01 Vacating Alley adjacent to 7148 Ogden
19-02 Zoning 6444 W. 27 St.
19-03 Berwyn Securitization NFP-Articles-Bylaws-Sales Agreement
19-04 Cannabis Prosecution Up to 100 Grams
19-05 CoB Sexual Harassment Policy
19-06 Amending Parking Generally and Ch 480
19-07 Amending Superzone and 484.02
19-08 Amending Depot, Bus. Reserved, Municipal Permit Parking 484.03
19-09 Amending Resident Parking 484.08A
19-10 Snow on Streets and Sidewalks
19-11 Regulations as to Chickens
19-12 Appropriation Ordinance 2019
19-13 Vehicle Sticker Fee Increase Sectioin 462.04
19-14 Abatement of taxes levied for Obligation Bonds for Tax Year 2018
19-15 Zoning 3401-3423 Ridgeland Special Use
19-16 Amending Ch 672 Sec 672.16 re Bounce Houses Ect.
19-17 Amending Ambulance Service
19-18 Establishing an Honorary-Secondary Name for Maple Ave. in Berwyn,IL from 31st Street to 32nd Street to "For the Love of Lee Rivera Way"
19-19 Conveyance of Real Estate Property to Rosalba and Ana Munoz
19-20 Approve Zoning Variation 6845 W. Stanley
19-21 Small Cell Wireless Construction of Facilities in Right of Way
19-22 Temporary Moratorium on Massage Establishments
19-23 Ordinance Authorizing and Approving a Certain Redevelopment Agreement with 6822 Windsor LLC for the City of Berwyn, State of Illinois
19-24 Approving the Editing and Inclusion of Certain Ordinances
19-25 Adopting and Approving a Surviving Spouse Tax Abatement
19-26 Cannabis Recreational Sales Allowed -Amending P12, T4 Zoning
19-27 Cannabis Taxation
19-28 Harlem Cermak TIF Reimbursement of Project Costs
19-29 Amending Parts of Ords. Regarding Cannabis and Paraphernalia
19-30 Tax Levy Ordinance with Clerk Cert 2019.pdf
19-31 Authorizing Transfer of funds to different departments